Monday, April 29, 2013

Meet the Artist: An Interview with Aubrey Levinthal

In early March, on a circuitous sort of etsy search, I found the artwork of Aubrey Levinthal. Her use of shadow and light really intrigued me, as did her choice of everyday subjects. I lingered awhile over each piece she had for sale. It didn't take long for me to notice that she was from Philadelphia and, like that, I knew I wanted to feature Aubrey here on this blog.

Aubrey, her artwork, and her home recently appeared on Design*Sponge, so I'm sure people are clamoring for a piece of this young artist's creative vision. I had a moment to chat with Aubrey and today, I'm happy to share that interview where we discuss inspiration, favorite artists and the City of Brotherly Love. You'll also see a number of Aubrey's pieces throughout this post which will give you a clear sense of her unmistakable talent.

Winter Light with Mirror, 2012 Aubrey Levinthal

When did you know you wanted to pursue art professionally? If you weren't an artist, what other profession do you think you'd go into?

Artists all seem to give the same sort of boring answer to this which is: since I can remember. But I think it is a valid point, if you are someone who likes to make things with your hands and someone who is really visual, you know that is what you hope to be lucky enough to do for the rest of your life. I think if I couldn't do this I would hope to be doing something that allows for creativity and using my hands--anything from cooking to interior design to fixing bikes--[haha] maybe not the last one full time. 
Me and My Stuff, 2011 Aubrey Levinthal

It would be fun to understand a bit more about your process. How do you keep your creative juices flowing? 

I try not to have too perfected of a process so things stay interesting. I have an ongoing list on the first page of my sketchbook of things I want to make paintings of--I use them as jumping off points. But from there I try to let anything be in play--whether its working directly from life, from memory, just inventing from the painting or a combination of those. It feels important in my process for works to go through a point of not knowing how they are going to be resolved, that definitely keeps me on my toes.

Where do you see yourself (and your work) over the next ten years?

I really just want to be making work at this same exhausting pace, and to be a lot deeper into understanding what I am chasing. 
Homage to it All, 2011 Aubrey Levinthal

If you could have dinner with five artists--living or dead--who would they be and why?

Is it too much to ask for two meals? Bonnard and Matisse at one dinner because they are two of my all time loves, and they were friends with great correspondences--I would just love to listen in. And at another dinner would have to be Janice Biala, Mary Fedden and Winifred Nicholson--three wonderful women painters who are not nearly well known enough for their talents. I sort of think of them as kindred spirits to each other and the type of painter I can only hope to be in the future.
Grey and Light 2012 Aubrey Levinthal

And finally, as a fellow Philadelphia gal, I'd love to know: what inspires you about this city?

I've always lived here so I guess I don't have so much to compare it to but I think Philly is fantastic for being a painter. Practically, its relatively inexpensive and small enough to get around while having a ton of stimulating things going on--the art institutions for a city this size are great. And more specifically, I have always felt the silvery, grey light here has greatly impacted my sense of color and the way I paint.  

Thanks so much for asking me to be a part of your wonderful blog.
Thank you, Aubrey!
Have I sufficiently whetted your apetite for a piece of Aubrey Levinthal's work? Here are just a few of my favorites currently available through her etsy shop:
(one / two / three / four)

I am so happy to share this interview with my readers, as well as a few pieces from Aubrey's beautiful portfolio. For more on her work and creative process, check out her blog and website.

Happy Monday, friends!


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