Friday, April 11, 2014

Karl Blossfeldt Botanicals

Karl Blossfeldt Botanicals via Meet Me in Philadelphia
In honor of the early spring weather I've enjoyed this week, it seems completely appropriate to dedicate a post to today's topic: the well-before-their-time botanical photographs of German artist Karl Blossfeldt.

A love of nature and the inherent artistry of plant life is evident in the work of photographer and artist Karl Blossfeldt (1865 - 1932), despite his lack of formal photography training. To capture his subject at a larger scale, Blossfeldt crafted a homemade camera that was able to magnify the delicate details of plants up to thirty times. The complete collection of Blossfeldt's photos were published as Urformen der Kunst (Art Forms in Nature) in 1928 and, nearly a century later, the black and white images still look fresh, invite reflection and inspire future artists.

What's more spectacular than the curve of the yet-unfurled maidenhair fern or the buds of a forsythia?

One of the most lovely examples of framed Karl Blossfeldt botancials in situ come from Lauren Liess, whose recently-shared master bedroom revealed a curated gallery wall dotted with framed Blossfeldt photography.

Isn't Lauren's an example of a perfectly-executed collection of art? I sure think so.
More collections, or at least a combination of two to four Blossfeldt botanical images, can be found on the stylish walls of others across the internet.
If this photography resonates with you as much as it has with me, you can explore all of Karl Blossfeldt's photography in the book Karl Blossfeldt: The Complete Published Work by Hans Christian Adam. I certainly plan to order a copy for myself!
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Do you own any prints of Karl Blossfeldt's work? 
Do you love it as much as I do?
Are you planning to pick up a copy of Blossfeldt's book?

Hope you, my sweet readers, have a wonderful weekend!


  1. You can never go wrong with botanicals in my opinion. Great post!

  2. Simply beautiful and I love them in the tonal palate. Have a wonderful weekend in our shared city!

  3. Yes I've just exhibited his work at my gallery in London, we have them on little shelves which works fabulously, as they can be switched around when you want a change!

  4. These are new to me - thanks for sharing! I still can't get over the Irving Penn book. I came across my receipt again last night and just smiled when I saw 53 cents :)

  5. beautiful! they feel more modern to me than other botanicals i've seen. i love their graphic quality.


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