Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wedding Shower #3: So Very Blessed!

As promised yesterday, I'm sharing some (only some...there were a lot!) of the wonderful presents I received at the bridal shower Adam's mom and sisters hosted for me on Sunday afternoon.
Here's just a sampling of the thoughtful gifts we were given:

Coffee maker? Check!
Boos maple cutting board? Check!
Sapphire blue Staub braiser? Check!
Roasting pan? Check!
Mortar and pestle? Check!
More wine glasses? Check!
Awesome whale-shaped bottle opener? Check!
Crock pot? Check!
More Heath ceramics? Check!
Cordless iron? Check! (I'm irrationally excited about this gift...)
And I was very blessed to receive...A SEWING MACHINE! 
Now I can finally begin tackling one of my New Year's resolutions!
And, finally, my mom outdid herself yet again with one of her presents (you may remember the pillowcases she embroidered as part of my previous bridal shower gift). Mom knit a very adorable monogrammed pillow for our bedroom.
And, no, it's not 'A HA!'. These are "our" initials. What a lovely sentiment to wake up to every morning.
I feel so blessed not just with the thoughtful presents we were given, but for the love and support Adam and I have from our family and friends.


  1. How wonderful! Makes me want to get married again. The gifts get better every year (14 years ago, my tastes were a bit different too)! And that sewing machine is awesome. So, you're going to be on the sewing bandwagon too. Yeah!

  2. wow those are outstanding presents! and love your mom's pillow - what a thoughtful gift. you are very blessed!

  3. Girlfriend, you make me wish I didn't elope. The sewing machine is the BEST! Oh the stuff you can now whip up!
    What great gifts!

  4. How precious is that little pillow! And grouped with those other ones--perfect.


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