Monday, September 24, 2012

Newly-Revamped Ticking Stripe Skirted Table

Over a year ago, I crafted a fabric-covered skirted table for my guest room from an affordable neutral twill drop cloth with lots of help from my mom. But, because I'm so darn fickle, I decided the neutral skirt was a bit too neutral. Mom was visiting last week so we decided to tackle 'Project: Skirted Table, Version 2.0'.

Inspired by the fabric-covered bedside table from Ivanka Trump's former apartment, I ordered ticking stripe twill in black/ivory to complement the existing colors in my guest bedroom.
(via Little Green Notebook / ticking stripe fabric via

Ticking stripe, while a print, reads as a subtle pattern so it doesn't monopolize all the attention in the room. In addition to changing out the fabric, I also added a glass top as a finishing touch. 

With 4 yards of fabric in hand, Mom and I got to work. 
We decided to construct the table skirt from 3 large pieces of fabric: one piece that covered the top, front and back of the table vertically, one piece for the left side of the table and the last piece for the right side of the table. Mom smartly suggested sewing two buttoned tabs to the front of the table as an added detail. This element makes such a difference, doesn't it?
With the skirted table revamped, the piece deserved a prime location in the room. 
Now, it sits directly across from the bed and will get the attention it deserves.

What do you think?
All week, I'll be sharing the projects that Mom and I finished last week, so stop by again!


  1. That is one chic tableskirt. And I agree, the details matter! Happy Monday!

  2. It looks beautiful, Ashley! You post makes me think that I need to get back to my sewing classes asap! ;)

  3. Lovely construction on that skirt--and the glass top adds such a nice finishing touch. Your projects with mom are incredible. Great job!

  4. Woo Hoo!!! I LOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEE it! (Will you make me one?)


  5. I keep forgetting to tell you that the addition of the red geraniums at the corner of your header is the perfect touch.

  6. My goodness you've been busy. This table looks awesome.


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