Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Steal vs. Splurge: You Better Shop Around

Meet Me in Philadelphia
It's been a while since I posted in my "You Better Shop Around" series, but I've noticed too many look-alike  products while shopping online not to add another entry. And since these steals are so good, I have the feeling I might have to order a few for myself.
A well-designed waste basket is a hard thing to find. The slightly-industrial, slightly-vintage feel of this basket hits all the right notes.

Meet Me in Philadelphia
The steal: woven wire trash can, $29 / The splurge: wire waste paper bin, $45
(a difference of $16!)

Want a nautically-inspired mirror? I bought this "steal" for the den and am really pleased with the quality.
Meet Me in Philadelphia
The steal: rope mirror, $41 / The splurge: rope wall mirror, $137
(a difference of $96!)

The new JCP brings high-end inspiration to the masses like this webbed side chair.
Meet Me in Philadelphia
The steal: Berger side chair (sold as a pair), $960 / The splurge: Risom side chair, $653
(a difference of $173 per chair!)

Forget hunting down an antique industrial piece. For less than $400, you can get the look!
Meet Me in Philadelphia
The steal: poplar and iron console, $380 / The splurge: Alpine rustic pine console, $1,121
(a difference of $741!)

Would you love to own a piece of original Jean Prouvé? If you can't, this $155 chair is a good looking replica.
Meet Me in Philadelphia
The steal: Prove standard chair, $155 / The splurge: Jeanette chair, $305
(a difference of $150!)

These five steals and splurges remind me that it's fun to get a bargain, especially when style and design aren't sacrificed in the name of a low price point.

Have you found any great look-alike products lately? 


  1. What great deals!! Always love to save some $$ on design projects :)

  2. I need the trash can from Urban! Definitely pays to shop around.

  3. I love me a great looking bargain, and I've always got my eyes open for a great knockoff!

  4. What great scores. You've found some killer deals!

  5. Wow, those webby chairs are pricy even when they are a deal.

  6. Wow. These knockoffs are fantastic finds. Why would anyone splurge?


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