Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Vintage Fruit & Veggie Artwork

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This past summer--with its extended hot and humid weather--felt like the perfect time to pay some attention to our temperate finished basement. Today, I'll show you how I'm starting to make the space feel cozy, inviting and bright with the addition of vintage fruit and veggie artwork I've been hoarding for years!
A basement is probably not the first place I'd spend our decorating dollars, but since ours is large, already finished and clean, it's a logical place for setting up a TV/video game room for my husband and a future playroom for future children. For months, the basement looked like this:
We finally got around to painting the built-in cabinet and the baseboard trim a fresh, bright white. What a difference that made! We moved most of the furniture from our previous living room (including our Mitchell Gold sofa and Sister Parish-upholstered chair) downstairs. We are working with what we've got and that's alright by me!

When it came time to think about art for the walls, I knew just what I wanted to hang--a series of vintage educational poster cards depicting fruits and vegetables (almost 30 of them!). I bought them over two years ago hoping to find just the perfect spot for them at some point.
Meet Me in Philadelphia
To hang them, I unrolled a large piece of white easel paper on the floor and traced a grid of 4 cards long by 3 cards high. I spaced the cards 1.5" apart from one another and used these inexpensive bulldog clips to hang each card. I marked a hole where each clip would be nailed to the wall. 
Adam held the paper to the wall while I taped each corner. We grabbed our hammers and began nailing the bulldog clips to the wall through the paper. 
Then, we ripped the white paper away cleanly and were left with 24 neatly-hung bulldog clips on the wall. We both got busy hanging the cards and, in a flash, we were done. 
Bulldog clips were an inexpensive and easy-to-use solution for hanging. In the future, I can swap out the display anytime I want. 

But for now, I'm loving the look:
Meet Me in Philadelphia
Meet Me in Philadelphia
Meet Me in Philadelphia
Meet Me in Philadelphia
(all via Meet Me in Philadelphia)

We've got several more projects we're tackling in the basement and I'll definitely share more as the space shapes up.

Like the look of these cards? Well, good news! 
I've got several more available for sale in my etsy shop!
Meet Me in Philadelphia
They are the perfect addition to a child's room, playroom or kitchen!

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  1. I love it! They are such a great size and the colors are fab. What a great find!

  2. So so cute, I love how they look on the wall with those clips!! As a bonus when you do have kids you can take those down to frame, but use the clips for hanging kid artwork!!


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