Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gardening Goals This Autumn

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This is a banner day here on Meet Me in Philadelphia. For the first time I am delving into the topic of gardening, a topic that I've never known much about but always appreciated from the sidelines.

This is our first autumn as homeowners and--as any good gardener knows--this season is prime time for garden clean-up and the ideal time to prepare for beautiful results the following spring.

So, let's gab about the fall garden, shall we?

My interest in gardening has grown by leaps and bounds recently thanks to my favorite bloggers: Loi, Rene and Lauren. Each seems to possess a preternatural green thumb. Their gardens are each a thing of beauty. I look forward to every time they blog about gardening!
(a snippet of Loi 's spectacular garden via Tone on Tone)
Inspired by this trio, Adam and I have decided to buckle down and begin to transform our front garden. Here's how our home looked from the curb when we moved in January:
Meet Me in Philadelphia meetmeinphiladelphia.blogspot.com
...and here's how it appears today:
Meet Me in Philadelphia meetmeinphiladelphia.blogspot.com
We removed over 12 (!) massively overgrown shrubs along the retaining wall at the lower level of our front garden earlier this summer, so we have been left with empty beds that are begging for some color and life.

So, over the next several weeks, we are planning to tackle several tasks in the garden.
Here are our gardening goals that we'll take on for the first time this autumn:
(via Meet Me in Philadelphia)
1) Create crisp edges around our existing garden beds with our new Edge Hog landscape edger.
2) Complete a final round of weeding between our walkway stones. Fill gaps with crushed stone.
3) Plant a multitude of perennial bulbs, like lily of the valley and daffodils, in the lower garden.
4) Spread new grass seed and fertilizer to our lawn to treat crab grass and clover.
5) Apply a layer of fresh brown mulch over planted bulbs and around mature shrubs.

Along with these goals we'll complete a final round of shrub trimming and--of course--lots of leaf raking! You can bet that I'll be updating you all as we progress with these garden tasks this autumn.

What are your fall gardening plans? Is there any task we're missing on our goal list? 
Any gardening tips would be majorly appreciated! 


  1. Oh my gosh, just removing those shrubs by your stone wall has already made such a big difference! So much neater. Can't wait to live vicariously through your lawn updates - this is something we've decided to pretty much table for the year (though I know this is the ideal time to clean up and get things ready for a pretty spring!).

  2. Looks like you will be busy, can't wait to see progress pictures :)

  3. So exciting! I wish we could walk through your garden together and chat. Thanks so much for the mention - especially with Lauren & Loi (wow).

  4. Thanks so much, Ashley!!! Fall is a great time to plant, so have fun and keep us posted. I look forward to following along :)
    PS - Love Rene and Lauren!!!

  5. I love what you have planned. That is hard work but it will pay off big come spring. Have I mentioned lately how much I heart your house?

  6. Good for you guys - I've found gardening to be very rewarding. You can truly see the fruits of your labor as shown by what you've already done by removing those shrubs. I've learned a lot in a short amount of time. I look a lot of things up especially now that we're tacking the perennial gardens at the bottom of our driveway - researching what to cut back, etc. Weeding can be tedious but just yesterday I used a medium sized bucket and that was a huge time saver - just throw those pesky weeds into the bucket quickly and then dump it all into the lawn bag once full. Such a time save from what I used to do. **And hello workout - I'm sore today!


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