Wednesday, August 31, 2011

High vs. Low: New Framed Artwork 'round the Apartment

Just last night, I picked up my Bella Foster "Still Life with Flowers & Moth" from my new favorite frame shop and I couldn't wait to share it with you all. Isn't it fab?
The print was a very special bridal shower gift from my cousin and, as such, it seemed appropriate to spring for a quality custom framing job rather than a less expensive frame from Michael's or AC Moore.
Here it hangs in our hallway, nestled among our custom Carter Kustara silhouettes.
I don't often choose the "high"/expensive option over the bargain, but here I did and I think Ms. Foster would be pleased. 
Now for the "low":
In the name of memories, I framed some remaining vintage stamps that I bought to use on my wedding invitations (for more on the stamps, see here). They were too special and pretty to be relegated to a box or drawer, wouldn't you agree?
Now they hang in the den and remind me of our wedding everytime I pass by.
The frame and matting were purchased in pre-Irene haste (I needed a project or two to carry me through the storm) from AC Moore and I spent some time spray painting both (yes, even the matting) over the weekend. The stamps were adhered to off-white cardstock using this fabulous no-wrinkle glue. All told, this low-expense framing cost about $11. 

High vs. low, as we all know, is a delicate balance.
I'm definitely pleased with the framing choices I've made.
How do you decide when to splurge and when to save on framing your artwork?


  1. Such a great idea to frame your vintage wedding stamps - I love it!

  2. Love both your framing choices and think you made the right decisions. Sometimes a special piece of art requires a little more care and attention. Although, I'm also a fan of the cheap way (which I tend to do more often) and I'm often scouring the aisles of Michael's!

  3. I enjoy both- for prettiness and sentimentality. You have quite the growing art collection.

  4. Love the frame you picked out for your special work of art- it looks so beautiful!

  5. Your new art is beautiful and I love seeing it with the silhouettes. Nice choice on the frame.

  6. So far everything has been Low/Low style.

    Love your gallery wall.


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