Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I've Got Big News, People

I've got some big news to share.
 No, I'm not pregnant.
 Nope, we didn't buy a house.
 What's the big news, you ask?
 I got a job!
If you didn't know (or if you're new 'round here), I quit my job last summer and had my last day on October 31. Since then, I've been holding out for a position that would allow me to follow my deep passion for education in a meaningful way. It turns out that a great opportunity was waiting for me.

I'm thrilled and I start in late May.
I guess it's true what they say: anything worth having is worth waiting for.

So watch out, world. I'm back.


  1. Yay!! Oh, Ashley, I'm so happy for you!! And I love your little slide show reveal. Of course, the right job/career was just waiting for you. I can't wait to hear more about it in the days and weeks to come. Congratulations!!

  2. Oh yay, congratulations!!! I must admit, I totally thought it was one of the first two when I saw this post title. This is just as good - maybe even better, though! So thrilled for you! Can't wait to hear more details.

  3. Big congratulations to you, Ashley! So you are so dang adorable. So, we'll need details. And I selfishly just have to add that I hope this won't mean any huge decrease in your fantastic posts. :)


  4. You are too cute. And this is GREAT news! Can't wait to hear about the position.


  5. That's great news, Ashley! Congratulations! Very happy for you!

  6. Hooray! Congrats I'm so glad you waited for, and found the right thing. I want to hear all about it :)


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