Monday, April 9, 2012

Scenes from the Weekend

How was your weekend, friends? 
I hope you had a great one, celebrating Passover or Easter or just enjoying a beautiful spring weekend.
It was an eventful one for Adam and I, so I thought I'd snap a few pictures of some of the highlights.

For one, we picked up my $5 entry chest that I mentioned on Friday.
I couldn't help myself and started sanding, patching, and priming while watching "50/50" that evening.
Don't worry, you'll see the total transformation soon, including a very sad "before" picture.

We went to an estate sale about 5 blocks from our apartment and walked out with this coffee table.
We're trying it out.
I might have a transformation planned for it...just you wait and see.

We also strolled around the neighborhood and admired a lush bed with every color in the spectrum.
Adam and I weren't the only ones photographing this pretty garden.

We spent Easter with Adam's extended family and feasted on goodies, like this beautiful chocolate cake.
It looks almost too good to eat!

And, finally, we started watching "Twin Peaks" this weekend and, boy, is it bizarre and addictive.
Not to mention that Tony and Riff from "West Side Story" are in it--hilarious! 
All in all, it was a fantastic weekend and I'm looking forward to chronicling the transformations of my entry chest and new coffee table with you soon.

Happy Monday, friends.


  1. Can't wait to see the dresser transformed! I'm trying to get some inspiration for my nightstands... Hope you have a great week! :)

  2. Oh, I love everything here! Great new coffee table, lovely flowers, gorgeous cake! AND Twin Peaks. The creepy theme music has been haunting me since I read your tweet about the show last night.

  3. Sounds like the perfect weekend, Ashley! A little bit of everything!!

  4. Sounds like a fun and productive weekend. Looking forward to the makeovers!

  5. Sounds like a great Easter weekend! Looking forward to seeing the entry chest. And wondering if there will be some gold spray paint in your coffee table's future?

  6. Oh, Camille, are you psychic and just not telling us? :)

  7. Looks like a fantastic weekend. That cake is spectacular!

  8. Nice score with the chest! I love its little legs.

  9. I sooo love the rug in your living room! Looking forward to seeing the change with the chest!

  10. Can't wait to see the transformation! And yes, Twin Peaks was very weird. I liked it a whole lot better at the beginning than the end (I'm not giving anything away - like I could even remember)!

  11. Twin Peaks! What a blast from the past. I never understood what was going on...
    Lucky you for finding that coffee table and chest. Great additions to the space. Looking forward to seeing how you transform the chest.

  12. Hey Ashley, really like your blog!

    I am moving to Philadelphia in August, and have started looking into apartments and furniture and so forth, and I am sure your blog will be very inspirational to me :) Good job and keep up!


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