Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Guest Bloggers: Sarah of The Estate of Things

Hi, everyone! I'm Sarah from The Estate of Things, standing in today for Ashley as she tromps around Scandinavia. As summer wanes and back to school shopping begins, our minds and Pinterest boards begin to wander over to fall. I began thinking about moodier spaces, richer colors; less Hamptons, more cozy throws. I've been waffling about paint colors in my den. For the longest time I was convinced that I should go warm white on the walls and blue on the ceiling. But I recently started thinking about purple.

So far, it's been a brief and intense affair with the color. I want to branch out from the blues, greys and whites that I tend toward and I'm wondering if smokey purple might be the perfect transition. It's so hard to commit.

Let's take in some purple, shall we?
Some lilacs for a warm up.
(via Pinterest)

Designer Angie Hranowsky uses a variety of purples in her designs:

Never thought I'd say this, but purple velvet looks pretty sumptuous:
(via Pinterest)

One of the smartest mixes of purple and grey by far. The room is by Carrier & Co
just makes purple so grown up and mysterious:
(via Pinterest)

Purple as an accent in a more refined or traditional space:
(via Pinterest)

More purple accents in some fun spaces:

For some reason, I really dig printed window shades in purple.

Now we're headed into some serious purple, unabashed use of color:

The verdict on purple for me is that it's got to be smokey with a good amount of grey in it. It needs to be mysterious, otherwise it's too feminine or immature. Ready to paint your dining room lavender or purple--or not so much?

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