Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pretty, Painted Tablecloth DIY

I felt inspired recently to create my own tablecloth for my kitchen table after I'd looked awhile for one that captured my eye. The project was quick and the supplies were quite affordable, so why not try one yourself?

1. fabric paint (I used Tulip-brand paint in 'green' and 'sunshine yellow')
2. a pencil with eraser
3. small sponge roller
4. tablecloth (I used a $20 cotton tablecloth from Target) 
5. painter's tape

I wanted to paint a design that included both stripes and polka dots, so I started by taping stripes that intentionally varied in width along the longest end of my tablecloth.  
I used a ruler to keep the lines straight as I laid out the tape.

With the stripes taped off, I used the sponge roller to apply the green paint to the stripes.

After painting the stripes with green paint, I took a pencil with a brand new eraser and stamped yellow dots randomly across the rest of the tablecloth.

I wanted to tie together the green and yellow color scheme, so I applied green paint to my pencil eraser and stamped green dots randomly atop the yellow dots. The slightly askew stamping added a fun look.

The last and final step? Wait...about 4 hours.
According to the bottles of paint, there was no need to iron or wash the tablecloth to set.
Here it is, all dry and cheery on my table:
The spots and stripes brighten up my table, don't they?


  1. Oh my goodness, how cute! LOVE the polka dots.

  2. How lovely, Ashley! I love that those are the colors of the Brazilian flag! ;)

  3. girl, you'z on fire with all these DIYs!!!! I love this. Maybe I'll do this to my pillow cases?


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