Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Week Thus Far

It may seem strange to title this post "my week thus far" since the week is nearly over; but all week I've been on assignment: taking care of my 4-year old niece near Fort Dix, New Jersey. Staying somewhere else, even if it is only an hour from Philadelphia, calls for some exploring, right?
I researched antique shops in the area, and was pleased when I found a few pieces I knew I couldn't leave without. With my niece Chloe at preschool each day, I've been out and about visiting the corners of most antique or secondhand shops within a 40-minute radius.
Here's what I'll be taking home to Philadelphia when I leave (including the chair above):
As you can see, a few of the pieces (namely the chair and the painting) are works-in-progress, but I decided to treat myself because going from being a childless adult to being responsible for a 4-year old and a dog for 7 days is tiring. Srsly. Anyway, can't you see the parlor chair in a ticking stripe or other small-scale print? And, of course, the two cream planters will be added to the collection in my guest room. Oh, and yes, I am already scheming a number of crafts for the upcoming Christmas season because I'm crazy about the season.

All in all, it's been a good week that's allowed me to discover some antique bargains. 
Hope yours is going well, too!


  1. That chair is fantastic! So excited to see what fabric you decide to go with.

  2. I LOVE that table, Ashley!! I miss my treasure hunting days!!! Enjoy fun!!

  3. Now look who's rubbing in her great finds! Love them all. And you are a kind and brave aunt to watch a 4-year-old for a week. You definitely deserve all the goodies!

  4. I would say you have earned your shopping time! Wonderful finds, Ashley - just your style!

  5. great finds! I can't wait to see what you do with the parlor chair.


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