Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Month of Thankfulness: Kate of Kate Collins Interiors

Today I'm happy to host a very special blog friend of mine, Kate of Kate Collins Interiors, and her heartfelt reflections on gratitude, thankfulness and the joyous blessing she and her husband welcomed into their lives this year. I promise, you will need to grab a tissue or two for this post and will feel very thankful for your family after reading it.

Recently, my mom joined Instagram. One of the first things Mom asked me was who the adorable baby was in all of the pictures I was always liking on Instagram. I said, "Oh, you mean really adorable one? The baby girl with the  beautiful, giant eyes? Yeah, that's Josie. She's the daughter of my blog friend Kate." True story.

Kate has been a blog friend of mine for a couple of years now and, with all honesty, she is one of the kindest people I've met while blogging. She has a way of sending the most supportive emails and leaving the most genuine comments that have encouraged me when I've felt my lowest. Maybe she didn't even know that! If her sparkling personality wasn't enough, she's pretty darn talented, too. I'm happy to share her with you all. Here she is!
Thank you so much, Ashley for having me.
For what felt like an eternity the small 6'x8' room right off our bedroom sat filled with boxes and misfits and remnants. I kept it filled because I couldn't bare to see it empty, reminding me of the emptiness within while we battled for a baby. It became an all-too-often reminder of infertility.

Beyond the DR's expectations, our miracle happened with one round of IVF. With glee, intention and utmost love, I emptied the room of its boxes and I created a nursery for our little girl.
Today I am so grateful for Josephine Audrey and the life she brings to this once souless space.
This is the corner where we read everyday. I'm thankful for wonderful books and the places, lives and times I have life through various authors and I hope to pass this love onto her. Josie often makes the most fabulous babble noise while I read to her.
Next to the chair are two little baskets, one with toys and blankets and the other with her dirty clothes. I'm thankful for the joy of dressing her in delightful little smocked bubbles and hand-knit sweaters, many with a story and a past themselves.
Next to this is the closet converted into a changing table. In the evenings, when getting ready for a bath, Graham and I sing "Y'all Ready for This" by 2 Unlimited and dance. Josie giggles and jumps with delight, on her changing table, at the sight of her goofy parents.
Next to the changing table is her dresser on top of which sits a chinoiserie lamp. The base was a candlestick that I had converted into a lamp. I found the candlestick over a weekend when I felt my absolute most hopeless for ever having a baby of my own. Yet something inside of me knew not to give up, so I bought the candlestick with the intention to one day put it in my nursery. It stands proud as the moment of holding out hope when all feels lost. 
Next to this is her crib. I love that the little lamb can watch over her while Graham and I sleep. But, we do still creep in every night and join the lamb in the fun of watching Josie's sweet, smooth, delicious breathing, her little hand and feet twitches and the intermittent sighs. 
Not only had she brought the room to life, she has added so much zest to ours. There isn't a day or, frankly, an hour when I don't thank my lucky stars for this bundle. My goodness, am I blessed and thankful.
See what I mean about needing a tissue or two? Thank you, so much, Kate for the honesty and sincerity in this post. I think we're all a little bit better for having shared a moment with your story and the story of Josie and her special space. 

I think we can all agree that we can be thankful for those surprises that come along when we're least expecting them but need them the most, like little Josie. 


  1. Great post, nice to meet these bloggers through you!!
    Stop By Giveaway!

  2. That is just the sweetest thing ever. Sob. I follow Kate on Instagram too and I have to say Josie is one of the most adorable babies out there. Thanks for sharing this with us today.


  3. Kate is one of my favorite people too. :) So well said my friend. Thank you for sharing such a personal, but inspiring story. I can always tell in Josie's pictures how happy she is - and that comes from having happy parents. Keep sharing those sweet pictures, because that happiness spreads.

  4. Oh thank you so much for having me on. This absolutely made my day!!

    1. The pleasure was absolutely mine. So glad to have you (and Josie)!


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