Monday, November 11, 2013

A Month of Thankfulness: Sara of A Dose of Pretty

With another week upon us, I am glad to share a new guest post on the month's theme of thankfulness from another wonderful blog friend. Today, Sara of the lovely blog A Dose of Pretty stops by. Read on to see how she finds gratitude in the kitchen!

If you aren't familiar with Sara, you really are missing out. I've been reading A Dose of Pretty for a few years now and have enjoyed following her stylish life from the California coast to South America and back to the U.S. this past year. Sara is a darling, and manages to make each moment in a day beautiful. If you're looking for a daily dose of pretty, check out Sara, her blog and her talent for design. But enough she is!

8/ Cookie Jar  9/ Cupcake Stand  10/ King Arthur All-purpose Flour and Vanilla Extract

Hello Meet Me in Philadelphia readers! I am Sara from a dose of pretty/Sara Mueller Designs and I am so flattered that Ashley asked me to be a guest at her lovely blog. I am here sharing my baking essentials with you. During this time of year, you will find me baking almost every weekend. It's something I have enjoyed since I was a little girl and now that I have my own kids, I love getting them in the kitchen to help out. The kitchen does get messy with little hands involved, but I truly enjoy this quality time with them and messes can always be cleaned up. I am grateful that I have a mother who as a little girl allowed me to get in the kitchen to bake and never once did she get upset at me for messing up her kitchen. She allowed and always encouraged my baking hobby. My mom has never been the domestic kind. She wasn't a big cook or baker and I think part of the reason she allowed my hobby was to enjoy the baked sweets afterwards. Whatever the reason, my mom taught me that it's important to encourage good hobbies and that messes can always be cleaned up. For that, I am truly grateful. 

Thank you Ashley for having me!
I don't know about you, but I love the way Sara has applied the topic of thankfulness to her own life, reflecting on the special times she shares with her children in the kitchen. Isn't it the little moments like this that matter most? While I don't love to cook, my mother always encouraged my creativity and she taught me to sew. For that, I'm incredibly grateful. 

Did you learn to cook or bake from your mother or grandmother? Do you bake with your children? What skills are you grateful for learning from a parent or friend? 

Thank you for stopping by, Sara!


  1. Happy Monday Ashley! So glad you liked the post! Thanks so much for having me!

    1. So happy to have you, Sara! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts on thankfulness in such a pretty post!

  2. I love Sara and her blog. We just did some baking last night, so I love this list of essentials!

  3. Oooh - a new blog for me. I'm thankful for that. I always think Id love to bake but then I end up eating all the chocolate chips instead. :)

  4. Very nice finding a new blog that seems really cool!!! Thanks for sharing!


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