Monday, March 3, 2014

New Vintage & Handmade Items in My Etsy Shop!

new etsy items via Meet Me in Philadelphia

Happy Monday, friends! Is it snowing where you are, too? The snow has been falling for several hours already, leaving the roads hazardous and the temperatures too cold for comfort. That means today is the perfect day to park myself in front of Etsy for a little pre-spring spruce-up shopping.

If you're stuck inside today I encourage you to check out my Etsy shop, which is freshly stocked with goodies to warm up any (late winter) snowy day.
new etsy items via Meet Me in Philadelphia

new etsy items via Meet Me in Philadelphia
(mini Eiffel Tower / coral lumbar pillow / abstract landscape / Asprey salt & pepper shakers / pillowcases)

And before the day is out, I want to thank you all for each birthday comment or email left/sent me in response to Friday's post. I've been truly humbled your kindness. Thank you so much for helping to start my thirties with happiness, confidence and friendship.

Happy shopping!


  1. Oooh...this all looks so good! Love how you've grouped everything too!

  2. definitely going to check it out! i haven't looked in awhile.

  3. Such fun stuff in your shop - I will be making a purchase one of these days. Are we done with snow yet? I hope so.


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