Monday, February 27, 2012

Classing It Up with Cloth Napkins...and an Upcoming Giveaway!

This is a pretty personal question, but honest with me: 
Do you use cloth napkins or paper napkins with your nightly meals? 

I have to fess up: I use paper napkins, specifically these recycled napkins from Marcal.
But, on the cusp of my twenty-eighth birthday (which is tomorrow, ahem), I'm resolving to grow up/class up my life through simple changes--and I'm starting is by retiring my paper napkins for their cloth cousins.

Sure, the convenience of paper napkins can't be beat, but there's just something special about sitting down to a table where pretty cloth napkins have been set out, am I right? Suddenly even the most standard grilled cheese-and-tomato soup dinner is classed up.

Not convinced that there are cloth napkins chic enough to compliment your next dinner?
Let me prove you wrong with a few of my favorites:
1. Peony pink napkins from High Street Market
2. Green ikat-print napkins from Sur la Table
3. Check linen napkins from Fog Linen
4. Snow printed napkins from West Elm
5. Amanda blue napkins from Roberta Roller Rabbit
6. Check, please napkins from Luru Home
7. Sister Parish Burma napkins from Alicia's Table
8. Liberty London cotton club napkins from Sue Fisher King

Aside from the premade cloth napkins that abound online and in stores, why not try your hand at sewing your own cloth napkins? There are several tutorials for napkins with mitered corners that are easy to follow and will guarantee a professional looking result (try Design*Sponge and Skip to My Lou)
(via Design*Sponge)

All this talk of handmade cloth napkins brings me to my upcoming giveaway!
On Wednesday, March 1, you'll have a chance to win a set of 4 linen napkins hand-sewn by moi!
The giveaway is sponsored by Online Fabric Store, where you'll find lots of supplies for your next sewing or decorating project.

So, do you use cloth napkins or paper napkins?
I hope you'll consider making the switch and, certainly, checking back on Wednesday and entering the cloth napkin giveaway!


  1. My mother-in-law always uses cloth napkins. It's one of those small things that makes dinner feel so much nicer.

    She's given me a few sets over the years, and if we eat at the dining room table, I usually use them. But for dinners in front of the tv (maybe 50% of the time?), I still use paper. I guess half the time is better than nothing, though!

  2. Depending what we are having for dinner, but a lot of times we do use cloth napkins.

  3. We use cloth. I registered for a lot of them when I got married. We have casual brown lien ones with frayed edges (great for the kids), white cotton ones with a crocheted edge (can be bleached), and some special astist-designed ones from the Fabric Workshop right there in Philly! We also have a set of my husband's grandmother's. I actually don't think they are inconvenient at all--but then, with 4 people in the house I do a lot of laundry, and it's no big deal to toss in a couple of napkins. The key? Don't iron them. I hear some people do that, and that would for sure be a deal breaker for me!

    Lots of cute choices in your round up.


  4. I use paper...and when we run out, which seems to be always, we use paper towels. I went so far the other night when we had no napkins OR paper towels and used our hand towels! I've been considering sewing up some cloth ones forever...I need to bit the bullet and get it done!

  5. We are a cloth napkin family. I bought a bunch at a yard sale a couple of years ago that we use for everyday meals (aka in front of the TV). Then I have a couple of sets of nicer ones to use when we class it up and eat at the dining room table :)

  6. Well,we use paper in our day to day lives. But I do have some pretty hot pink with white ribbon cloth napkins I have ready at a moment's notice!

  7. We use cloth too. I have a basket of mix matches napkins of all kinds of prints. Being a fan of textiles, the collection of pretty prints make me smile.
    Looking forward to the giveaway! Thanks.


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