Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Is In The Air

(via Rob Ryan)

Happy Valentine's Day, friends!
While I don't really need a holiday to celebrate romance, the color red, or candy, it's still fun to mark the day with a few special treats like a note of love, a heart-printed skirt, or even a vintage diamond ring.

Here are some of prettier ways to commemorate the best elements of February 14th: 
1. Valentine's Day postcards via Rifle Paper Co.
2. Needlepoint valentines via Terrain
3. 1920's Art Deco diamond ring via Erie Basin
4. 55-count Valentine's Day chocolate box via John & Kira's (a local Philly fave!)
5. Revlon "Fire & Ice" classic red lipstick via Drugstore.com
6. Jardin skirt in "heart throb" print via J. Crew

How are you marking Valentine's Day in your life?
Sending you each a little love from the City of Brotherly Love on this Valentine's Day.


  1. Happy Valentine's day to you too! That heart skirt is adorable.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day Ashley. My husband works out of state so it will be my daughter and I and probably chocolate and popcorn!

  3. Fun, fun, fun! What a pretty little round-up. Would love to find the perfect red lipstick!

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  4. I am in love with that heart skirt! Happy V-day!

  5. Ashley, so pretty!! I am on a heart kick lately! I want that jcrew heart skirt and d porthault linens (coeur pink print)!! In my dreams....:)


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