Monday, July 23, 2012

Ask & You Shall Receive: Making Changes to My Apartment

In a few short weeks, Adam and I will have lived in our current rental for three full years. 
During that time this place has served us well, but three years has also been enough time to determine which elements of the apartment don't work for us in the long term.

Being a renter, especially when you have the itch for design and renovation, can be tough.
But just this past weekend, we approached our landlord with three renovations that we'd like to make on the apartment and...wait for it...he agreed and offered to pay for the materials!

Here's what we'll be changing:
Change #1:
Closing off this void under the stairs for some much-needed storage space.
I'll probably also paint the side of the staircase white like the other trim.
We'll turn this empty space into something like this:
(via Pinterest)
(via Pinterest)

Change #2:
 Adding a permanent door to our storage closet (where there currently hangs a curtain).
No need for an inspiration photo here--just a simple door will make such a difference!

Change #3:
 Replacing the off-center, non-symmetrical built-in shelves in our guest bedroom with shelves. 
The new shelves that we rebuild will extend the entire length of the wall and will be symmetrical!
We'll turn this tragic set of shelves into something pleasing to the eye, like this:

This place will feel fresh and new again, not the same place we've lived for nearly three years.
I'm so glad we asked to make these changes, and I'm looking forward to chronicling the process here on the blog. Be sure to check back for all of the future developments!


  1. I'm sure these changes will have a huge impact on your space! Your landlord is so lucky to have you!

  2. How smart to propose this to your landlord! That's awesome that he's going to pay for he should since it is increasing the value of the place!

  3. so exciting!! Super smart changes. And your landlord is smart to invest in them--they will really add function and aesthetics to your space!


  4. Very intrigued by the under-the-stairs storage - can't wait to see how that turns out!

  5. Yay! Your landlord is smart for letting you do this. Adding value and style.

  6. How awesome, Ashley! Love your ideas, and that is one incredible landlord! You might have to stay awhile ;-)

  7. How great that your landlord said, "yes" and that he is paying for the changes! I LOVE your inspiration for under-the-stair storage.


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