Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Refining My Guest Bedroom

Is there a room in your home, friends, that never feels quite done?
That space for me would have to undoubtedly be my guest bedroom. I've tossed and turned over it before because of it's inherent problems: the room is subterranean and has only 2 tiny windows. It's narrow. It has built-in shelves that aren't centered on the wall....I could go on, but I'll spare you my complaints.

This time last year, I made strides towards improving the space. To refresh your memory...
I started by creating a moodboard.

I made curtains inspired by the expensive Anthropologie "Toorie" drapes.

I constructed a custom bedskirt.

I created a bright and bold textile headboard from Lulu DK fabric.

I even made a skirted table to class up the joint.
But that was then and this is now.

It turns out I'm incredibly fickle or indecisive because I want to change several elements of the room.
Here's what I'm thinking:
1: I just purchased this Ikea flatweave Tarnby rug in a large size--can you believe I had no rug in the room?
2: I want to use a classic black/ivory ticking stripe ($7/yard) for a bolster and new skirted table cover
3: I'll keep the "Medallion" shirting fabric that I used for pillow cases and a bedskirt for the room
4: I'll still center the design around this Lulu DK's "Moondance" fabric, which serves as a textile headboard
5: I'm contemplating a pair of the Linden Street wall lamps ($70/each) from JC Penney
6: I'm thinking a pair of these Directoire Design metal tables ($85/each) would work beside the bed

These changes may keep me occupied from the summer through the fall, so stay tuned!
What do you think of the evolving design?
Got any sources I should take a look at?


  1. For some reason, I cant stop tinkering with my guest room either! My mom recently said "your guest room is fabulous, STOP!"

    Love the evolution of yours.


  2. Its pretty darn similar, but as you said, just refined. Love the ticking stripe and end tables!

  3. I like plan a, but see how plan b could be nice as well. Love the new additions!


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