Monday, July 25, 2011

Skirting the Issue (or How I Hacked a Bedskirt)

 This weekend, I whipped up a tailored bedskirt after being inspired by these bedskirt hacks from Chez Larsson and Bromeliad. This skirt was made from the same cotton print as the 4 pillowcases I sewed for the guest bedroom and was very easy to construct.

What's needed to create your own (for a full bed):
  • 4 yards of fabric (this fabric was only 44" wide)
  • sewing machine, thread, pins
  • full size plain white bedskirt
Step 1: Measure the 3 sides of your boxspring, specifically the overall length and the width from the top of the boxspring to the floor. For the long sides of the boxspring, add approximately 3" to the length. There's no need to add any extra inches to the short side of the mattress. Cut your fabric into 3 panels according to these measurements.

Step 2: Before beginning to sew, iron your 3 fabric panels carefully. This saves you a headache down the road.

Step 3: Introduce the sewing machine! Run a simple straight stitch along 3 sides of each panel. No need to sew the 4th side of each panel because it will be tucked under your mattress.

Step 4: Put the sewing aside and place your plain white bedskirt on your boxspring. Place your mattress back onto the boxspring. The white bedskirt will serve as a guide and liner for the thinner printed panels you just finished sewing.

Step 5: Tuck your panels along the long side of the mattress first. Because you added 3" to the length of these long side, they will be tucked around the front corners of the bed and be layered under the front panel. Smooth out wrinkles and adjust so they only graze the floor. No pins needed!

Step 6: Take your front fabric panel (smallest of the 3) and center it on the front of the bed. Tuck this piece under the mattress.

Voila! Finished!
You've now made a custom tailored bedskirt from three fabric panels.
 The three panels aren't actually connected to each other in any way, but they sure do look like they are!
Like it? 
My guest bedroom is really taking shape, and I'm glad I've taken the DIY route.

Cream sheets and a fun richly-printed coverlet are next.
More on these additions to come!


  1. Great job!! I really need to get my sewing machine out again:) Take care, Caroline

  2. This room is coming together nicely! You did an amazing job with the bed skirt. I think those are tough to decide which direction to go at times and yours looks great.

  3. Oh, Ashley, it looks great! I need to bookmark this because I'm thinking I need a bedskirt for my bedroom. Perfect timing for your tutorial!

  4. Damn gurl you is goooood. That looks really tailored and pretty.

  5. Love the tailored look. I really like the fabrics you are chooseing for the room.

  6. Looking good!! Doesn't it feel so great to have an almost complete room? :)

    PS- you around this weekend? I am!

  7. Awesome job! I know I will be following this tutorial at some point. Thanks!

  8. Okay, so good to know. Thanks for the tutorial; I'm going to give it a shot. Also that bedroom looks amazing already. I can't wait till its finished.


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