Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Finally, Sister Parish is Mine

I thought I'd offer you a respite from guest bedroom-related posts today to let you in on some exciting news (well, maybe only exciting to me...I live a very small, insular life).

I've gone ahead and ordered the Sister Parish "Tucker" fabric I've been dreaming about for months and months!!
 I know what you're thinking: "Wait, that's the exciting news?"
 Yes, yes, it is. 

Let me start by explaining that ordering alone took nearly 8 know, involving a lot of coaxing of a certain fiance/new husband all around the time when we were planning a wedding. Certainly some of you out there can understand the potential minefield of decorating conversations with men.

The past 8 months were also spent trying to find the Sister Parish fabric at a discount because, as I readily admit, I am cheap. Sure enough, I did, only to find out...

...that is was being discontinued.

What the f@#*&%k? 
Is this where my patience has gotten me?

Not so fast. The discounter that I worked with informed me that I could tack on my relatively small order (under 10 yards) to another order to meet the custom order minimum that Sister Parish Design set for reprinting the "Tucker" print.

Wait, so you're telling me that multiple people want this fabric and you're still discontinuing it?
Sometimes I fail to see the logic in certain decisions.

Fast forward to last week. Imagine me, desperate to secure this fabric before it's too late, begging Adam to use his Blackberry to place the order. He's ready to fish or kayak or just generally "vacation" and I'm all worked up over fabric.
A day in the life, I tell you.

So, here is where we find ourselves. Sister Parish "Tucker" fabric, come to mama!
For those of you unaware, I'll be using the fabric on these pieces in my living room:
If you're new to the blog, be sure to catch up by checking out this post and this one on the matter, too.

I can see that the end is near and the long-awaited fabric is mine [insert maniacal laugh here].
Expect gratuitous pictures of these pieces transformed in the coming months!


  1. Oh yay! Isn't it nice when it all works out. Enjoy your print. I'm looking forward to seeing the afters.

  2. I'd be excited too!! Persistance and patience pays off! Can't wait to see your new pieces!!!

  3. Glad to hear I'm not the only fabric addict. Love this and can't wait to see it on your chair and stool. They will be adorable!

  4. OH.MY.GOD!!! it's going to look so great on that chair. Don't worry...I share in your excitement for fabric. A purchase like this completely warrants it's own post. Well done!

  5. What an inspiring story! And yes, why would they discontinue if they have customers who want to purchase?!? duh.

  6. You know how excited I am for you! Can't wait to see!

  7. what a gorgeous fabric! cant wait to see it finished.


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