Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sister, Sister

Yesterday, I received the two Sister Parish fabric samples I requested through Molly at Chairloom. As you may recall, I was immediately smitten by Sister Parish fabrics and thought many of the patterns would suit my $40 Craigslist chair very well.

My selections were the "Tucker" print (left) and the "Campbell" print (right), both beige and 100% cotton twill.

Hmm...quite a quandry, no?

Selecting fabric that I won't regret a few months down the line is challenging for me. Sure, I may like a print on a 5" x 5" swatch, but imagining it covering a large area like a side chair is a different story...

Reflecting on the scale of the print and the shape of the chair, I was quickly convinced. While I liked the "Campbell" print (right), I worried that it was a little loud and modern. I wanted to find a fabric that balanced the mid-century lines of the chair with a more traditional and quirky pattern.

Hence...I'm going with Sister Parish's "Tucker" print:

I'll be sure to keep you all informed of this process.
I've never ordered fabric through a showroom before. Fingers crossed the chair is a show-stopper when it's completed!


  1. Oh fun! There is something soooo exciting about upholstery! I am kind of addicted to it. I have to stop buying things to upholster b/c it is expensive!

  2. Lovely selection! I know what you mean about getting
    tired of prints and such, I have to be careful. I get sick of looking at things quickly:) Are you going to do the upholstry yourself?

    Amy R.

  3. Hi Amy, thanks for stopping by! I'm actually going to use Chairloom (who does amazing work and is close-by in the Philly suburbs). Molly at Chairloom did the chair featured in my blog header! I only wish I knew how to upholster!

  4. Ashely, love your options and I think you made the right choice. When you make an investment like that you want to be sure it lasts a long time!! Still dying to see your ottomans - when we'll you have those back??

  5. I hope I'll be picking them up this weekend, Fran! You know they will be shared ASAP. Did the Premier Prints fabric you ordered arrive yet?!

  6. Love your choice of the Tucker print. I think they'll look terrific.


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