Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mushroom Prints on Display

Remember back in September when I shared with you my strange old bookstore find, the $3 vintage copy of "Poisonous Fungi" by John Ramsbottom? If you don't, check it out the story of this find here.

This past weekend, I finally got around to framing the 8 vibrant mushroom prints that I couldn't let languish between the cover of this book. Today, I'll share with you how easy a process that was.

Let me first mention, though, that I am not an advocate for damaging books. When I stumbled upon these print treasures, I knew they warranted the effort. I hope the final product convinces you, if you aren't already!

I started with 8 8x10 ivory mats with 4x6 openings from Utrecht (at about $2.00/each):

I carefully snipped the thread binding of the book and separated my choice pages carefully. There were a total of 16 color illustrations, but the pages were double-sided, so I was forced to choose my favorite 8.

For the frames, I returned to Saline Picture Frame, the same company I turned to for my Claire Nereim framed notecards (check out that project here). 8 8x10 frames totaled about $80 including shipping--though don't forget to use the promo code "TY10" for 10% off each order!

I decided to stain the natural-colored frames my go-to "English Chestnut" by Minwax.

Don't the prints look great!?!
Before forging ahead and nailing the framed prints up without a plan, I used some spare brown mailing paper to chart my plan of attack.

I used a piece of brown craft paper about 4' long, and divided the paper into 8 evenly-spaced squares. I placed the frame in the center that I marked off along each edge. Additionally, I marked where the nail would need to be placed to match the hook on the back of each frame.

Adam helped me hang our plan, using a level for precision. As you can see, a faint pencil line guides our work. The nails were hammered just as where we marked they should go. This made the project move very quickly.

And now, the final results! I hope you like them...

Here they are as a grouping of 8.
I love them and was so pleased that a $3 vintage book produced new artwork that would cost so much more at places like Anthropologie or Jayson Home & Garden.

What do you think!? How'd I do?


  1. They look so chic! What did you use for matting? Did you cut it yourself?

  2. Perfect frame color and love the prints. Nice job.

  3. Thank you, everyone! Naomi, I actually bought 8 8x10 ivory mats from Utrecht with 4x6 openings already cut (I wanted to save myself some effort). I'm very pleased with the quality of them!


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