Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Master Bedroom Tour

I've realize that I haven't shown you all much of my home, dear readers.

So, slowly but surely, I'll be adding an apartment tour for you to peruse. Today I present to you our bedroom, which you've sampled in the header of this blog. The room itself isn't too large, but it does have high ceilings. We capitalized on the height with the simple lines of Ikea's Edland four poster bed in white.

Our apartment is on the first floor and, because of that, the natural light there isn't abundant throughout the day. I took this into account when I selected the blue, white, and red color scheme. Back when I lived in Manhattan, I discovered Roberta Roller Rabbit one day and knew that I wanted to incorporate some of Roberta Freymann's prints somewhere in my apartment.

The curtains in the photo above were made from a pair of Roberta Roller Rabbit rectangular tablecloths in the "Gwen" print in indigo. The tablecloths were 106" long, and seemed the ideal length for our window height. My mom hemmed the tablecloths to the right length and cut them down the center, making 4 panels total from the original 66" width of each tablecloth. You'll also see the chair recovered in Rubie Green's "East Village" fabric, done by Chairloom. The Saarinen side table was a real deal--purchased at the Design Within Reach outlet in Secaucus, New Jersey for $100!

We have one red Campaign-style side table/small dresser in our bedroom, a Craigslist purchase ($50 for this and a matching 2-drawer dresser that is elsewhere in our apartment). This piece was red when we purchased it and it inspired me to paint my large Campaign dresser in a matching red. Atop this nightstand sits a $1 mid-century wooden tray, a vintage python-skin picture frame, and a glass urn lamp. The mirror above the nightstand was a shaving mirror that I bought on Ebay for $12.

To the right of the bed, sits the red Campaign dresser I humorously shared with you in September (read about it here). This dresser was only $20 when I purchased it from Craigslist about a year and half ago and, man, was it in bad shape. The dresser holds what clothes don't fit in our closets and it also holds the t.v. that I'd like to trash (but I can't because Adam loves watching "Futurama" in bed).

This vintage Danish printed circular tray holds some books, as well as another small glass urn lamp. The tray was a $10 Black-Friday-in-Maine purchase last year. Miraculously it fit in our suitcase--it's a good thing, too. I wasn't prepared to leave the state of Maine without it.

What I didn't show you was the wall opposite our bed. Really, there's nothing to show. Just a wall of simple white closet doors with no wall space for pictures or anything else.

Well, friends, I hope you've enjoyed our bedroom tour. I would like to add more artwork and perhaps this striped Dash and Albert rug. That will come in time. Until then, I'm still pretty happy to wake up to this space each day.

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  1. What a fun little tour! Clean and bright and happy.


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