Friday, November 12, 2010

TGIF, 11/12/10 Edition

(via Jenny Bowers)

Here we are again on the cusp of another weekend. Adam and I don't have any grand events planned, but that's okay.

Instead of big DIYs or the like, we are hoping to
  • Pick up my dotted ottomans (!!!)
  • Start our wedding registry process (I'm sorely behind...)
But before you and I head into our respective weekends, I want to share some peppy illustrations from Jenny Bowers, who you may recall is responsible for Kate Spade's 2011 calendar. Kate Spade always selects the most talented folks for this!

Take a peek:

(all via Jenny Bowers)

Aren't they lovely?

What do you all have planned?
Happy Friday, friends!


  1. I LOVE that Kate Spade calendar. I'm trying to decide how many to get for gifts -- so reasonably priced for such a cute thing!

    Enjoy registering!!! I wish I could do it again. Ha!

  2. Calendars are such a great gift because, after the year is out, the most lovely illustrations can be framed! And, about registering, I'm dreading this...everyone is totally going to be judging my list, I just know it! ;)

  3. Ashley, thank you so much for the link to the josef frank stockings! I LOVE them. I'm so serious - you nailed it! So, I totally want to make you know where I can get the fabric w/o paying an arm or leg? I'm going to take a look on etsy...

    BTW, I'm so excited you're picking your picking up your ottomans!


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