Friday, November 19, 2010

TGIF, 11/19/10 Edition

("Autumn Sunset" by Eyvind Earle)

Bring on the weekend!

Last night I watched "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" (I'm a sucker for childhood nostalgia) and became incredibly excited for the week to come.

Why? Well, the boy and I are beginning our vacation starting at quittin' time today. We're heading to the great state of Connecticut to spend time with my parents before moving on to our holiday with my extended family.

Wishing you all a host of fun late-fall activities this weekend!


  1. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving, Ashley!!

    And while I don't mean to put a hurtin on the wedding budget, you should truly check out Z Bros! I'll go with you one weekend if you want :)

  2. Naomi, definitely! Immediately after reading your post yesterday I started a list of about 6 items I had to have...yikes. I will be taking you up on that offer to go together! Happy weekend!

  3. I too, am a sucker for nostalgia! I love family traditions, old holiday movies and handed down recipes. This time of the year is so packed family fun-filled activities... I can't wait! Have a great vacay!

  4. Love that print! Have fun! (I almost watched that! but if my husband even hears Charlie Brown, he complains so much, it isn't worth it :(


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