Monday, November 15, 2010

Coming Around to Wallpaper

(via Domino)

Growing up, I thought wallpaper designs were limited to the country rooster-type patterns that I saw in the homes of family and friends. This just goes to say I was very adverse to wallpaper for a long time. But anyone who pays even a little attention to interior design knows that the world of wallpaper extends far beyond these styles!

I'm definitely coming around to the idea of employing wallpaper in my future house, thanks in no small part to these lovely uses of printed patterns:

(Lisa Borgnes Giramonti's foyer via her blog A Bloomsbury Life)

(A sunny bedroom designed by Jonathan Adler)

(Barrie Benson used de Gournay wallpaper in this dining room via Domino)

(via Lonny)

(Lulu DK's customized foyer papered in her "Bloomsbury" print)

(Katie Ridder-designed wallpaper in Country Living's Green Home)

(Miles Redd utilized Wes Anderson-approved Scalamandre wallpaper for this bathroom)

Could you commit to a wallpaper print?
Or are you convinced that it should be avoided at all cost?

P.S.: My ottomans are not ready yet, friends. I know you are waiting, like me, with bated breath for their arrival. I promise to share them just as soon as they are back!


  1. I wallpapered my old entry and it was my favorite spot in my whole apartment! I do worry that the fussier prints could grow old on me, but some are just plain gorg. Best for small rooms, I think.

  2. I totally agree--I think the pattern can overwhelm. The prices on some of these wallpapers is pricey, too, so that definitely limits the size of the project!


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