Thursday, November 18, 2010

Commence with the Christmas-listing!

Perhaps like many of you, I am a list maker. I make lists when I'm bored or anxious or overwhelmed or just lacking discipline. This time of year my list making goes into overdrive.

I make lists of decorations I'd like to make, gifts I would like to give, cookies I'd like to bake, and gifts I'd like to see under the tree. Even though Thanksgiving is still a week away, I've already sent out my Christmas list to Adam and my mother, who will circulate it accordingly.

Is that weird, a 26-year old sending a Christmas list?
Look, I am notoriously hard to shop for, and my lists provide the necessary guidance.
That said, here's a sampling of the things I've included on my list:

Do you have any items on your Christmas list?


  1. Great list! I also want that M.K. book. sigh.

  2. That presents picture is awesome! I am working on making my presents look more fun this year.

    I love your list! I too am 26 and already gave Peter and my mom my Christmas list. Maybe I'll have to steal a few ideas from yours!

  3. Ashley, great list and you reminded me that I need those antlers from Ballard Design!

  4. I need to get cracking on my own list :) Love that sweater - it's just a little more interesting than the traditional cable knit but still so cozy-looking!

  5. Thanks everyone. Perhaps your endorsements will nudge my family into acting on these ideas! Jessie--thanks for stopping by! The LL Bean sweater is actually from the kids' selection--I've read that it's the perfect size for a petite lady like myself. Hope I find it under the tree!

  6. all of these picks are right up my alley! so happy to have found your blog - I'm actually in the process of moving to the Philly area from NYC, so I look forward to visiting your blog often. xx,Jane

  7. Hi Jane! I hope you enjoy Philly--it sounds like we had a similar trajectory. I lived previously in Brooklyn and the UES before making my way to Philadelphia.


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