Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cozy Printed Sheets

With winter weather looming, I'm noticing that many stores are pushing printed (sometimes flannel) sheets. Honestly, I've never considered switching out my standard solid cotton sheets for these printed options, but there are some cute ones out there...perhaps I should reconsider my no-print sheet stance.

Are you into printed sheets, or do you let your duvet do the talking?
Has anyone tried flannel sheets? Are they stifling?
Here are a few that pass the "cute" test:

An option from Crate and Barrel:

(Also from Plover Organic, the "Circle 'Round" printed sheets)

And lest I highlight only expensive options, Lands' End has a cute set that reminds me of Mr. Robshaw. Check 'em out:

(Lands' End organic flannel block print sheets)

So, tell me, what's your take on printed sheets? Do you bring them out this time of year, or do you use them year-round? Or, are you completely adverse to them?
Do tell, do tell.

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