Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mushroom Prints for Fall

During our travels this weekend, we stumbled into a used bookshop in Georgetown that benefits the Bryn Mawr Alumni Scholarship...needless to say, we stopped inside and I came out with this weird little goodie: Poisonous Fungi by John Ramsbottom, found for only $3.
The cover sold me right away.
More than just a novelty, a little page turning showed the true treasure here...16 color pages of mushrooms, just waiting to be framed!

A closer look:

I'm excited to choose 8 for framing. Any sources for cheap, but chic 5" x 7" frames? To mat or not to mat, that is the question. What say you?

If nothing else, these prints have me hankering for a walk in the woods.

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