Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oops, I Did It Again...

I just couldn't help myself. And with the click of a keystroke, they were mine.

These matching ottomans were posted as part of a sofa and loveseat package (hideous, I must say) on Craigslist, but I appealed to the seller that these were just the thing I had been looking for. He was very willing to sell them separately to me and accepted my cheap-o offer. He even offered to drop them off in the city...from his far-suburb location at no cost (!).

So, how much did these babies run me? $25! That's right, $12.50 each. Sometimes I feel like I'm stealing from the nice sellers on Craigslist, I really do.

Is the minty tweed upholstery staying, you ask? No, certainly not. Instead, I am thinking of clothing these beauts in the same charcoal linen of my loveseat (they will serve as a relaxed, but refined kick-your-feet-up kind of coffee table for the "den"). I'm going to reach out to my trusty friend Joe the Upholsterer for these.

I still need to punch up the somber linen with some fun prints and color, but that's what accessories are for, right?

Stay tuned, friends, to see the next before-and-after here at Meet Me in Philadelphia.


  1. What a GREAT find! They complete the love seat. Can't wait to see the after pictures.

  2. Thanks, Mom. You'll have to come for a visit and put your feet up.

    Oh, and thanks for the loveseat! Bet you didn't see the potential it had!


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