Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Art from the Other Harpers

Certainly you've seen, and perhaps appreciated, the prolific collection of animal art designed by Charley Harper. However, after some exploring a few years back I found that not all the talent in the Harper family remained with Charley; Charley's wife Edie and son Brett shared the artistic Harper eye.

Some of my favorite Edie Harper works:

Charley Harper's only son, Brett, runs Harper Studios. His seriographs and notecards can be found via Ebay and across the internet. Some of his loveliest prints, available for inexpensive decorating:

I purchased one of Brett's amaryllis prints on Ebay a few years back for only $25. It adorns one of our living room walls and I love it even more in person.

If you can't afford an original Charley Harper piece (like me), or if you prefer a more organic design, I highly recommend checking out the work of Edie and Brett Harper.

Talent does run in this family.

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