Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back to Hudson Bay

It's September now and though we are still a few weeks away from the official start of autumn, I'm already getting that fall-nesting feeling. That means breaking out the wool blankets, wearing my Wicked Good slippers, and making some hot chocolate.

Working around the guest bedroom this weekend reminded me just how much I like woolen blankets, namely the vintage Hudson Bay Blanket brightening up the foot of the guest bed. It was a Christmas gift from my parents last year, spotted at a Black Friday antiquing trip in Maine.

Looking around, it's clear I'm not the only one in love with its timeless rainbow bands:

(via Re-Nest)

Or, if more muted tones are your thing, the HBC blanket comes in many variations.

What symbols of fall, like these blankets, get you excited for the season?


  1. Something about those stripes seems to pull people toward fruit pillows! Very cute.

    I am NOT excited about fall, but I'm trying to get there...

  2. Crafts definitely help, too. I have a lot of needlecrafts in my brain that are just waiting to get out and onto some fabric.

  3. Oh yes, soft wool blankets, pies, always pies, for some reason, and outdoor lanterns, b/c in Hotlanta, it isn't nice to go outside in the summer, but in the fall...ahhhhhh

  4. Oh, the Hudson blanket definitely gets me excited!! Love it!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Love your blog header and I'll definitely be following.

    This is too said you're originally from CT. Well, guess what? I'm originally from Philly. No joke. My header "Green Street' from the art museum area in Philly....lived on Green St for 3 fabulous years while I transitioned from NYC to CT. Went to Villanova and grew up in Media. Would love to return to Philly to love one of these days!

    Well, happy long weekend!!!


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