Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Rebirth of a Loveseat

You remember what it started out looking like:

Here it is, reborn in charcoal gray linen:

Showing some leg...


Very, very pleased. If you are in the Philadelphia-Metro area, I highly recommend checking out Joe at Narberth Upholstery. He did a great job, was reliable, and was very fairly priced.

Narberth Upholstery
105 North Narberth Avenue
Narberth, PA 19072-1923
(610) 949-9011


  1. I know. Sometimes I find myself going to our basement level just to peak at it. It feels so nice having a project completed!

  2. looks great! Almost reminds me of denim. My sister used Joe and liked him. Now that I've heard two recommendations, maybe I'll finally check him out!

  3. Naomi, yes, the fabric almost looks like denim because of the striation in color. I love it and couldn't be more pleased!

    I'll definitely be using Joe again!

  4. Hey Ashley-

    Where did you find this fabric? I scored these great danish dining chairs that I'd love to recover in a denim-like fabric and I thought of your project.

    Let me know, if you get a chance? Thanks!


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