Thursday, September 2, 2010

Trip to Casa Walsh on 9/02/10

Do you know what today is, friends? It's September 2, 2010...that is to say it's 9/02/10!

It's Beverly Hills 90210 Day and I couldn't let it pass without dedicating a post to those wacky Minnesota Twins and their house, affectionately known in later seasons as "Casa Walsh". I began watching when it first aired originally (I was a precocious eight year-old) and have loved catching it in syndication ever since.

Let's take a walk down memory lane and up the walkway to the Walsh family abode, shall we?

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There Spanish-style home was unlike anything I saw regularly in Connecticut. It seemed quintessentially Southern Californian, with it's barrel tiled-roof and stucco exterior.

The living room of the Walsh home: While decidedly not my taste, the setting emphasized how wholesome and family-oriented the Walshes were characterized to be. Books filled the bookcase and picture frames layered the mantel.

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The foyer to their home. Spanish tile, iron railings and grapevine stenciling abound. I do like the leather chair in the background, though.

The kitchen where during most episodes Cindy Walsh could be found preparing a meal. A plate rack, Betty Crocker cookbooks and louvered doors seemed anachronistic in the fast-paced L.A. setting.

Brenda's room: den of teenage girl angst and dramatics. Have I mentioned how much I love her?
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Brandon's room: he's an all-American guy, symbolized by the homespun quilt on his bed.
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Brenda and Brandon's shared bathroom. Love: the access from both bedrooms; Hate: the yellow/mint/black tile combo.

Jimbo and Cindy's bedroom: notice the gallery wall behind Brenda--ahead of the times, I tell you.
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Hope you enjoyed this trip to Beverly Hills!
Thanks for humoring me. After all, this date was meant for a little 90210 commemoration.

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