Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pretty, Pretty Pillowcases

A few Fridays ago, I alluded to my plan to sew custom pillowcases for my guest bedroom. Before you question my sanity and comment with a "Don't you live near a Target or Bed, Bath & Beyond where they sell those things?," let me say that I searched high-and-low for printed pillows that struck my fancy. But alas, all my searching failed to produce the perfect print.

That's when I found this very easy-to-follow tutorial for open-sided pillowcases from Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business (a really cool crafty blog, for those of you who haven't checked it out yet). I stumbled upon  a traditional printed fabric at Purl Soho that fit the bill: Devon Shirtings' "Red/Ivory Medallion" fabric (though I found here for much less), and it appeared that things were coming together very quickly.

Here's a detail shot of the print. 
It has a prim-and-proper-but-slightly-block-print look, right? 
Plus, the best part: It was about $7.50/yard and is really soft and durable.
 I ordered 4 yards to create 4 identical pillows, and followed the clearly-written instructions for the pillowcases. 
 Let me confess, this was the first attempt to use my new sewing machine, and it could not have been easier!

If you can cut and sew in a straight line, you can make these pillowcases yourself.
 Ironing, both before sewing and after, makes all the difference.

BTW: I received this cordless iron for a bridal shower gift, and it has changed.my.life, I kid you not.
I won't rehash all of the steps for you, but if you're interested in making your own open-ended pillowcases, I encourage you to check out the ECAB tutorial. Who doesn't want to lay their head each night on a pair of custom pillowcases?

Now, on to the exciting stuff! The end results of my efforts:
and the ever-important detail shot:
The curved stitching, which is a setting on my sewing machine, adds a touch of whimsy to each pillowcase.
Now, who wants to be my guest? 
Hurry and make your reservations because, once the room's done, I think it will be booked for months. 


  1. Great job! Love the curvy stitching...adds the perfect touch! I really need to use my sewing machine more! Take care, Caroline

  2. Oooh, I want to come and stay! Love these, Ashley! What a wonderful little detail that makes all the difference. By the way, I cannot sew in a straight line for some reason. I've got a great little giveaway going on - you should come throw your hat in the ring.

  3. You have such a sweet blog! I love the photo header! great job on the pillow cases- I think that's great talent, and I love the wavy detail you made at the ends. Bravo!

  4. Ashley, I love all the detail in the room! The flower sculpute, the rug, fabrics,curtains. I can totally picture it. Great work!

  5. You are good! I love that curvy stitch so much. You can't find that at Target.

  6. Damn gurl you are sewing up a storm. I can proudly say I can upholster a piece of furniture my self and also make pillow cases.

    The curve detail, brilliant. Just for that I send you mental waffles, with syrup and shit.


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