Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Needing a New Chair for the Living Room

Ever get fixated on replacing or revamping something in your home? 
Me? I'm currently obsessed with replacing this chair in my living room for a more cozier, comfy option.
Waaaaaaaay back when I began this blog, I wrote about finding this chair for $15 at the thrift store and recovering the seat with a scrap of Alan Campbell fabric. Time has marched on though, and I'd really like to have a soft upholstered chair for this space.

I'm zeroing in on some kind of rolled arm chair, preferably in a solid.
The "London" chair from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams would look fabulous in cream in my space:
(via MGBW)

Or, what about a Lee Industries option?

I thought I'd never consider a skirted arm chair in a vibrant print but never say never. 
I love this beauty from Kathryn M. Ireland's shop:

Clearly I haven't exactly honed in on what I want. 
Perhaps the perfect solid-colored chair will pop up in an antique shop in the near future...right?
Have you seen any other roll arm chair options that I should consider?


  1. They are all super cute, but much bigger than your current chair. Will they fit?

  2. These are nice, don't know if your into the deconstructed look, but Rest.Hardware has some pretty interesting english roll arm chair options. May be worth a trip to RH outlet, never know what may pop up!

  3. Ashley, I love that Kathryn Ireland chair! Maybe you should do one with a waterfall skirt. So soft and still modern!

  4. I was just at C&B the other day checking out the Essex for a client. It is SUPER comfy! And great-looking of course!


I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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