Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thrift store chair + Ebay tote bag = New look!

Math never was my forte, but when 1 $15.99 Alan Campbell printed canvas tote bag (a lucky Ebay find) and 1 $15 thrift store chair are added together, my living room suddenly had 1 whole new look.

Alan Campbell fabric, available to the trade through Quadrille, is out of reach for me at a cost of over $150/yard. Instead a little creative thinking on my part lead me to reinvent a very large tote printed in Campbell's Deauville fabric. I spent about an hour deconstructing the tote, and discovered that I had over a yard of fabric to work with!

I laid the chair seat I wanted to recover (I even had enough for two chairs!)...

...and I began stapling until my fingers were sore!

After reattaching the seat of the chair, my results were rewarding, peppy, and a lot more fun than the original pleather seat cover. But don't take my word for it:

The last and final step? Deciding just who is lucky enough to sit on this beauty.

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  1. This is totally worthy of a D*S before and after. Submit it!


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