Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Inspiration from more stylish Connecticut ladies

While Philadelphia is my adopted home, I hail from Connecticut, a lovely little state that I appreciate more and more as the years go past. In honor of the Nutmeg State, I wanted to share some inspiration courtesy of two fellow Connecticutians (yeah, it's a weird term, I know).

First, Ms. Chloe Sevigny. Say what you will about her fashion choices or roles (which I love), but this ballsy actress oozes style and individuality; so, should we be surprised when her home follows suit?

Decorated by David Cafiero of Cafiero Select, these photos originally appeared in a 2007 edition of the now-defunct Home and Garden.

The welcoming hallway:

The living room:

The guest bedroom:

The master bedroom:

The bathroom:

(all via Cafiero Select)

Lovely surroundings for an endlessly-inspiring style icon, but really, should we expect any less?

The second Connecticut gal with great style is my long-time friend Julie. Julie's blog, which I recommend everyone visit, is filled with delightful daily musings on topics such as crafts, cooking, and all-important wedding preparations. Definitely a must read.

Way to represent the Constitution State, ladies!

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  1. So sweet; thank you, friend!

    Chloe's guest bedroom is insane! In a good way, I think.


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