Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Love Me Some Craigslist

Hassles and scams aside, Craigslist is pretty great, especially for those of us who want an electic, not-purchased-in-one-sitting kind of a look to our homes. Et voila, enter Craigslist.

When I finally get around to sharing photos of our apartment, I will point out just how much of our stuff is straight from others' basements, attics, and estates (via Craigslist). This past weekend, I scouted a pair of matching vintage white wire chairs:

Are they great? Currently, one will be housed in our downstairs den and while one will greet guests in the spare bedroom. Springtime weather jolts people into cleaning, purging, and selling on Craigslist--I can't wait!

Do you have any recent Craigslist finds that you're particularly psyched about? Do tell!

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