Monday, March 22, 2010

Never say Never

Warning: this post is neither about decorating nor Philadelphia. Instead this is simply a reflection. Proceed with caution.

Growing up, whatever that entails, has signaled a number of changes for me; it has involved realizing that the things that I once declared I would never, ever, ever like, do, or wear are things I have come to embrace. Is this a casting off of a once-independent, rebellious spirit for a conventional existence? Nah, I don't think so.

Today's case and point: R.E.M.
I despised R.E.M. when I was younger (read: 13 or so) and thought that emotive music had to sound something like this, but I am developing quite an affinity for Michael Stipe's delicate and sensitive voice, not to mention the mandolin plucking of Peter Buck. This song has been on iTunes repeat since the weekend. I guess I'm in a contemplative mood these days.

Just a small reminder that I should never say never. Have you ever found yourself developing a new-found and unexpected appreciation for some thing/quality/characteristic that you once wrote off? Or am I alone in this one?

P.S. I promise to follow the basic format of this blog (life, decor, Philly), but I also want to be flexible and allow this to be a dynamic thing.

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  1. Almost all the music I love now was on a "don't like" list at one point. The "do like" list was a very small and lonely gathering of Tony Bennett and Michael Buble.

    This never-ever attitude also applied to: skinny jeans, coffee and living in NYC. Changed my mind on all of the above (luckily!).


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