Monday, March 1, 2010

Domino Taste on a Dollar Store Budget

(via M. Design)

When we moved to Philadelphia from New York, Adam and I came with little more than a few pieces of furniture. We moved into our former apartment in late August 2008 and lived a minimalistic life by default, rather than by choice. But, in actuality, my taste sits somewhere between the minimalist and the maximalist. I love the clean lines of a Parsons table against a jaunty Alan Campbell printed curtain, for example.

Somewhere between writing a Master's thesis, finishing coursework, and working full time, I felt the undying compulsion to furnish, to decorate, to accessorize my surroundings as both a distraction and an attempt to create a comfortable home base here in the City of Bro-ham Love.

My decorating budget remains tight but I haven't let that dissuade my search over the past year and half. Trips to pick up great deals from Craigslist, Ebay, parents' basements, and thrift stores have risen to the top of our weekend to-do lists (have I mentioned how wonderful and patient my boyfriend is?).

In the coming weeks, I will share photos of our current apartment, located in lovely Society Hill, and will share projects, inspiration and ideas about home. So, while there's no De Gournay wallpaper or pristine Paul McCobb in my immediate future, I'm not letting that stop me from making this apartment our home.

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