Monday, March 1, 2010

[Dream] Big or Go Home

My name's Ashley and I'm a Is that a thing? Because if it is, I have the disease. I regularly search real estate listings like I've got deep pockets and money to burn; but hey, dream big or go home, right?

Dutch-colonial, Georgian, gingerbread Victorian, you name it, I knew the style when I was still in elementary school (I am a geek). The architectural style in my home state of Connecticut and greater New England, with their clapboard colonials, seems to differ quite a bit from the greater Philadelphia area, where majestic stone homes abound. Needless to say, they have quickly become my favorite style.

Every few days, Adam receives emails with several links of dream houses I've found. The subject line of these emails usually reads something like, "I'll take any of these." Somehow, even now, he thinks I'm kidding.

Here are some of my favorites...just don't buy any of them without consulting me first, please:

(all via

By the way, all of these mansions are listed below $400,000, which is a lot of money but somehow seems like a bargain considering the history, the craftsmanship, and the square footage (all are over 3,000 square feet) of these beauties. They all need work, but anything worth having is worth working for.

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  1. Beautiful houses! I esp. love the second one down. I fully support you and Adam purchasing one.

    P.S. LOVE the new blog header.


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