Tuesday, July 17, 2012

If The Heat Has Zapped Your Creativity...

The summer can be a funny time of year, can't it? I have to admit that my design inspiration is scant these days because my brain is occupied with thoughts of vacation, heatwaves, popsicles and the like. 

But just when I thought I'd have to wait for a change in season to get my project inspiration back, I present to you a roundup of some of the best ideas I've found lately. All of these projects can be done from the comfort of your air conditioning. Enjoy!

You can...
add a candy coating to your ho-hum hangers!

pep up some napkins with bleached polka dots!

concoct your own camp-inspired lanyard necklace!

set yourself a summery picnic lunch!

brighten up boring envelopes with unexpected liners!

gild yourself some angel wings!
(via Honey+Fitz)

create celestial wrapping paper!
(via frolic!)

Have I restored some of your inspiration, friends?
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  1. Super cute hangers!

    My brain has shifted from making and adding to organizing and eliminating this summer. Not a bad thing!

  2. I'm just finally getting my creative DIY juices again. I needed a solid 6 month break after the loft!

    Miss you- lets grab drinks soon.


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