Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Craft #2: Holiday Clip-Art Cocktail Napkins

My husband and I host an annual holiday celebration at our apartment and each year, I try to concoct new and special touches for the event. Today, I'll show how I created a set of cocktail napkins with a vintage festive feel that our guests can enjoy while we eat, drink and be merry!

This project requires a small number of supplies but the impact is big, if you ask me!
(necessary supplies: scissors, iron-on transfer paper, white cocktail napkins, an iron)
I purchased iron-on transfer paper from Target for about $7, and I ordered 12 of these hemstitch cocktail napkins from Amazon--and I was very pleased when I saw their quality in person! 

Step #1:
First, I found free vintage clip art that I liked from this great site. There are many sites sharing free vintage clip art across the internet, so check them all out! I arranged the images in a Powerpoint document and printed a practice sheet (for sizing) before I printed on the iron-on transfer paper. Remember: images will be ironed onto the napkins as a mirror image of how they look as they are printed! Once I was happy with the size of the images, I printed the clip art using the transfer paper according to instructions on the packaging.
Step #2:
With scissors, I cut carefully and closely around the printed clip art images. I chose a few different images, including a pine cone, a sprig of mistletoe, and various evergreen designs.
Step #3:
According to the instructions that came with the transfer paper, I washed the napkins before ironing on the clip art. I ironed the napkins after they came out of the dryer, and kept the iron at the highest cotton setting with the steam shut off. Per the directions, I laid out a wrinkle-free pillowcase on my dining table and set that under the napkins rather than using the ironing board (apparently a no-no for this process). Then, I laid the clip art I wanted on each napkin with the wrong side up. I ran the iron over each transfer for 2 minutes until it adhered.
Step #4:
I allowed the iron-on transfers to cool completely. Then, I peeled the paper backing off of the napkin to reveal the designs. Like that, I had custom cocktail napkins for this year's fete!
(all images via Meet Me in Philadelphia)

What do you think? 
I can't wait to share them with our guests at our holiday party!


  1. Oh, I love these! We used vintage clip art for our wedding programs. It would be so fun to use those images again for something like this to enjoy them on a more permanent basis.

  2. That is so cute! I absolutely love seeing all your projects for the holidays. You are getting me in the Christmas spirit.

  3. LOVE! And they look fab with your plaid tablecloth. Very classic.

  4. They look so pretty and vintage-y, Ashley. Like something Martha Stewart produced (and published!)

    Speaking of Martha -- did you know she's doing daily Christmas videos on her website? I watched every single one last night. I miss watching her craft and cook. And now there's a million new craft tools in her line I have to buy.

  5. This is a great idea and I'm considering creating some for my friends as an xmas present (to go in a little gift basket with other little goodies). Does anyone know how long these ironed on images last?

  6. Love these!! I want to make some myself right now!! Guess a trip to the craft store after work is in order :)


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