Monday, December 31, 2012

What Good Shall I Do This Day? (and Everyday)

Well, I guess I took a little blog break there, huh? 
It was mostly unintentional, I swear, but lots has transpired since my last post and I can't wait to fill you all in shortly. Here's some of what has happened:

-families were visited
-prime rib was consumed
-an auction was attended
-a snow fall was seen
-gifts were exchanged, including the Best Co. enamel sign above.

Isn't the sign a perfect reminder for today and everyday, for that matter? 
2013 is just around the bend, and while we usually greet a new year with renewed purpose and drive; but I wanted this little sign (taken from one of Ben Franklin's notebooks) to remind me on a daily basis to live with intention. We can all use those kinds of reminders, right?

On that note, I wish you a very Happy New Year, dear readers. 
'Til next year.

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  1. I hope you had a wonderful holiday celebration, Ashley! Best wishes for you in 2013!


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