Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Craft #4: Washi Tape + Metallic Dot Garlands

For the better part of a year, prime real estate on my living room wall has been empty while I hunt for a great piece of art for the area. But, I couldn't allow the holiday season to roll by without addressing the blank space in a festive, seasonal way.
Pretty boring, huh?
While Adam and I were in Copenhagen a few months back, I picked up several rolls of washi tape, which were the perfect starting point for this party-ready project. The supplies I used were: 
 (washi tape in a variety of colors and patterns, scissors, thread, and metallic envelope seals)

Step #1:
To start, I determined how long I wanted each garland strand to be. I cut a piece of thread for the washi tape strand. As a major fan of the color red, I opted for a red-and-gold combination in 5 different tape patterns. Each piece of tape was applied to the thread, then folded in half.
Step #2:
With one washi tape strand complete, I cut a small triangle shape out of the bottom of each piece of tape so that they looked like a fun pennant. Cute, right?
Step #3:
Now onto the dot-portion of the garland! 
Just as I had done with the tape strand, I cut a piece of thread and laid it out horizontally. I planned an alternating pattern of gold-red-gold-red...and so on. I started by sticking one gold dot to the thread with the adhesive-side facing up. Then, I applied another gold dot directly on top of the first dot, adhesive-side down. I repeated the process for the whole strand.
Step #4:
I made 4 total strands, 2 washi tape strands and 2 metallic dot strands to make up this celebratory hanging garland for the wall behind my sofa. 
All told, it took me just 30 minutes to complete.
(all images via Meet Me in Philadelphia)
From a blank wall space to a jolly series of garlands.  
I'll probably be a little reluctant to take them down come January!
What do you think?


  1. This is so cute and festive! I always linger over these cute tapes when I see them, but never quite knew what to do with them. This is brilliant!

  2. I love them! They are so cute and so you - perfect decor for your empty wall! I think they would look great as Christmas tree garland as well. Hmmm.

  3. I love them too, Ashley! You are on fire rocking these Christmas crafts lately!

  4. That could be fun for a baby shower.


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