Monday, June 11, 2012

Rah-Rah for Red

I love the color red and can't apologize for the generous doses of it around my home.
While some champion the use of fuschia or mint or yellow, I am the biggest cheerleader for the color red.

My apartment is one extensive cheer in support for this bright and peppy tone, so I don't have to search far to find a delightful note of red in every room. 
(all images via Meet Me in Philadelphia)

Rah-rah for red!

What color appears throughout your home?
Do you have a particular color that you'd stand up and cheer for?


  1. I love this post, Ashley, and I have noticed your red touches in all of your spaces. I especially love it combined with blue, as you have done in your bedroom. My top go to color is green, I've used it in every home I've ever lived in and can't imagine not having it somewhere!

  2. I like that you use red because it's not very typical for a lot of homes. Mine is shades of blue/turquoise. I have an insane amount of that color in my home.

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  3. I love red, but the color that appears throughout my home is blue. But slowly I'm adding red: a vintage telephone, some books, a wooden box, candles and flowers are already in place. ;) I love to see your reds! :)

  4. Yup, that signature Ashley Red. I know! You should create one for Benjamin Moore and they should name it "Ashley Red."

    I am so (yawn) boring. I have some form of blue in every room -- either navy or peacock. And lots of boring black too.

  5. I think red is a hard color to do right, but you've nailed it in your home. It's the perfect amount and touch!! It'll be interesting to see what color pops up in our new home....I'm guess blue and touches of pink??

  6. Blue, baby.

    Love your pops of red.


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