Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Plate Preference: Simple or Embellished?

Is it Wednesday already, friends?
Jeez, sorry for being M.I.A. on the blog this week. Work has been more than a wee bit hectic.

But back to the subject at hand: plates, dishes, china, whatever you call it...
do you prefer a simple or more embellished option for your table?


When Adam and I became engaged, I knew immediately that I'd opt for simple dishes. I registered for a set from of Heath Ceramics in both a soft gray and off-white. Our tableware is clean but refined and, though I'm no master chef, it allows the beauty of a dinner to speak for itself.

Haven't had enough of this conversation on china? Check out these unique takes on the tabletop:
(via Houzz)

So what's your take? 
Do you prefer a sparely-designed plate or one flourished with detail?


  1. most definitely clean and simple!! the ornately designed plates take away from the food, which should always be the highlight of the table.

  2. Definitely more of a simple kind of gal....third image is my favorite. My favorite dishware (everyday) is Revol.

  3. We have awesome Jonathan Adler settings and I love them for formal meals. Our other dish set is from my husband's grandparents and is amazing hand-thrown 1950's pottery plates. Love them, too! Nice to have options.

  4. Good call with Heath Ceramics! I'm a simple girl myself because it can always be played up. My china is all white with no embellishments, so you can't get simpler than that.



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